The Responder!

Ready, willing and more than able!

Protecting people with advanced communication processes.

Created for:

The Call Centre Industry

Created by:

Casey Smit, Product Manager



The Responder was created specifically
for the call center industry to track and support their clients.

Call centers who employ the Responder
can both improve existing services and offer new services to both existing and new
clients thereby increasing profits and efficiencies.

The Responder has many advanced
processes that use the client’s smartphone and existing call center equipment
to protect people being tracked by call centers in ways never imagined before.

The Responder capabilities are decades
ahead of current call center tracking systems and people management processes.

Please contact us to arrange a demo
and keep an open mind as others have said we are “so much more than just work


The Responder System is so simple and
effective. The Responder needs no special equipment and has two
simple and easy to use components dedicated to the safety of the client and the
success of the call center.

It is made up of two components that together track and communicate with people. The components are:

  1. The Responder App (RA) is free and is downloaded onto the client’s cellphone. To become active the user must enter the username/password/instance code that is provided by the call center.
  2. Monitoring and Response System (MRS), is located in the call center. It is web based and is access it again restricted by username/password.

You can access the MRS here:


The RA sits on the client’s smartphone.
Connectivity is granted by the MRS.

Each app has a user profile and
attached to the profile is a unique response process that the call center can
utilize in the event of an emergency. There is no better system in the world
to use when there is an emergency.

The RA can also:

  • declare an emergency;
  • track your day’s travel and time and email a report to the boss;
  • utilize an amazing work alone module;
  • be either tracked or not tracked by the MRS;
  • be either seen or not seen by other RA’s
  • be reassigned once a client is no longer a client;
  • create map notes can be made for future reference;
  • be customized if needed;
  • reduce the impact and interactions with your clients. They will love it as the RA is simple and easy to use.

Clients with the RA are decidedly
safer and this creates a competitive advantage for your call center! We do
offer exclusivity to large customers to support your investment.

Call centers can cost effectively
serve very small companies or even one person companies.


A new user can easily be added to the
system in less than 1 minute and thousands can be easily managed effectively.

The app has an effective user profile
that will allow for the MRS to send out precise messages based on the data in
the user profile. Data such as Name/Age/Sex/Company/Contact numbers etc.

Each client will have their own
customized response procedure document attached to the app complete with a duress
code that will assist the call center in an emergency situation.


The MRS console is well designed and
easy to use. Access to the MRS is easily shared as many MRS Technicians can be
logged onto the system at the same time and working remotely is what it was
designed for.

The MRS can easily be used/viewed
outside of the office as there is no special equipment required and the
training needed is minimal.

The MRS is map focused and gives
visual and audible clues when a response is required from a RA. When a
response is needed you are prepared and ready to support them!

In order to utilize the MRS all that is needed are:

  • A Username and Password.
  • A PC.
  • The internet and a telephone.

The MRS can also:

  • track and “see” all RAs (unless they wish to be not tracked);
  • always knows who is using the Work Alone Module;
  • manage thousands and respond powerfully in the event of an emergency;
  • both send and receive data and reports and warnings to and from the apps.

The power of the MRS can expand the
offerings of your business. We encourage you to experiment with this system
and there simply is no better work alone solution in existence.


The following is a list of system capabilities that we feel are of value to the call centers, please feel free let us know how you can employ it.

  1. The MRS can track the RA anywhere in the world.
  2. It is far less expensive than the least expensive vehicle tracking system with far greater capabilities and more features. Any moving vehicle can easily be tracked if the driver has a smartphone with the RA!
  3. The RA can be livestreamed in the event it is needed and the video can be saved and forwarded to the client. This live stream can be viewed by multiple MRS Techs or shared with the client.
  4. Your clients could log into the MRS if and when needed.
  5. Users can use the app to create Reports complete with video or pictures that are sent to the MRS. This data can be forwarded to the Client.
  6. The MRS can quickly and easily issue Warnings/Notifications to the users or to a precise subset of users.
  7. Thesystem is so simple and easy to use it can be given to children, to the mentally challenged and Alzheimer’s patients.
  8. CCTV cameras and any web based signal can be included in the MRS map.
  9. The MRS can accommodate multiple businesses transferring their monitoring responsibilities to the call center, it is easy and effective.
  10. The HELP function works even without data.


There are 4 cost components to be considered:

  1. Initial licence purchase per Call Centre. This is a progressive licence starting witha 100 App minimum ($ 6,000.00). This is a one-time fee non-refundable.
  2. Additional Apps are purchased in groups of 50.
  3. A monthly cost for the RA is $ 6.00 per month.
  4. Training will be extra.
  5. System customization will be extra.


Feature Shepherd Shepherd + The Responder
Add Bases Y Y Y
Add Buildings/Features (with dangerous goods) Y Y Y
Add Projects Y Y Y
App Waypoints Y Y Y
Create a Report Y Y Y
Daily Logs Y Y Y
Invisible Capability N N Y
Live App Map Y Y Y
Live Tracking Y Y Y/N
Livestreaming Capability Y Y Y
Log Reports Y Y N
Mass Messaging/Warnings Y Y Y
My Credentials N Y N
No Special Equipment Needed Y Y Y
Project Tracker N Y Y
Request Assistance Y Y Y
Tracked/Not Tracked N N Y
Work Alone Module & Custom Response Y Y Y


For more information please contact:

Mr. Casey 1-778-549-0788 or 1-833-991-1911