Shepherd System

Protecting people and profits with
advanced communication processes.

Serve and Protect your Team.


The Shepherd System was created by the
911 World Ltd. team to help companies; track, communicate, protect and support
their staff in the field.

The Shepherd is one of three systems
we have created for companies to serve and protect their staff, the others
being our Shepherd Plus and Responder systems.  Responder is built specifically
for the Call Center Industry.

All of our personal protection tools
can be seen here:


As a business owner/manager imagine a
tool that can track, protect, see and support your staff anywhere in the world
from anywhere in the world? 

A tool that requires no special
equipment and that only cost pennies a day?

A tool that can save money while
increasing the safety of your team?

The Shepherd System is that system. 
All the Shepherd system needs is a smartphone and your PC!

Shepherd has two components that work
together to deliver all of this.

1.   Staff
.  This app goes on the smart phone of
your team and your contractors.  The workers download the app after you create
their profiles!  You are in complete control of who uses the system.

2.   Monitoring
and Response System (MRS),
this system is
accessed via the net anywhere in the world, ideally on a PC as we designed it
for that.  7/24/366 you can track and support your team and contractors.

Together these two components create dozens
of high value functions to ensure your companies safety and success.


The SA is downloaded by the user for
free but access is controlled and created by the system owner via the MRS.

The SA is directly connected to the
MRS and both sends and receives data to and from the MRS.

Each SA user will have a unique username/password. 
Each system will also have a unique instance code.  The SA can be redistributed
when a worker is no longer with the company, no need to buy another.

The MRS creates a user profile
for the SA and a unique response process that the MRS can utilize in the event
of an emergency involving that staff member.

The SA is centered around the app map
which shows all the data that your team needs to be safe and effective in the field.


The SA has an effective user profile
that will allow for the system to send out precise messages based on the data
in the user profile.  Data such as Name/Age/Company/Contact numbers etc.

Users are organized by Bases allowing
you to keep excellent track of hundreds of staff or more around the world.

The user profile can be customized and
altered by 911 World if needed.  Please be sure to add a picture to your
profile so we know who you are.


Project Managers, HR, Safety, Industry
Specialists can all have access to the MRS system as it is easily shared and
accessed.  It is an effective monitoring system that is logical and easy to

To grant access to the MRS the system
administrator need only to create a MRS username/password then send those with
the link to the new MRS Technician.

An unlimited number of people can
access the MRS system and even share a livestream when needed.

MRS users can view the reports and all
data sent by the SA to the MRS. 

The MRS can easily be used/viewed
outside of the office as there is no special equipment required.  In order to
utilize the MRS all that is needed are:

  • An MRS username/password and a PC.
  • The internet and a telephone can also be handy.

A 3rd party such as a Call
Center can easily be given access to monitor your team after hours.

The MRS is map based and gives visual
and audible clues when a response is required from a worker.  Safety and actual
response capabilities are priorities of the MRS.

The MRS tracks and can see all staff
and always knows who is using the Work Alone Module and where they are.  A
staff log can show their complete day.

The MRS can send out precise messages
and warnings as needed to the users.

For more features please see our Shepherd
System Features document.

MRS Log in page


Here are some Shepherd system
capabilities that may apply directly to your company and its operations:

YOUR PROJECTS COSTS!  Using our remote, live-streaming capability
you can watch your team do their job from the comfort of your office or
anywhere else. 

a.    No
longer does; HR/Safety/Clients/Subject Experts and Specialists have to travel
to the site to participate.  These people can participate sitting at their desk
or even on a beach in Hawaii if that is where they are.  This will reduce
project costs.

INCREASE THE SAFEY of your staff with our Work Alone Module, live
tracking and response capabilities. 

a.    Simple
and easy to use, never let your team be alone again.  Shepherd has them covered
7/24/365.  The WAM works even without connection and tracks all SA that are
logged into the system.

3.   Need
HELP?  Simply press the Request Assistance and both your
teammates and the MRS are instantly alerted!

a.    Then
you can coordinate an immediate and effective response to save lives and money. 
Your teammates may be close.

4.   Increased
team response capability, all team members on a project or located close to
each other on other projects can see each other on the App Map allowing
them to work together more effectively.

a.    Team
members are differentiated by their icon and the medical and security people
stand out for instant access and support.  With the Shepherd your team members
can easily help your team and critical infrastructure is easily added to the
map by the MRS!

5.   Increase
team and project communication, why send a memo or email when your team can
watch a narrated video clip of the site and the needs for the site. 

a.    Just
booked a new job?  Place it on the app complete with the instructions, with a
picture of the gate and the job and the person in charge all on your App Map, so your Team
know exactly where it’s headed.

6.   Where
are they now?    Track your team!

a.    All
of your team is actively tracked when they are logged into the app.  Need to
find a specific team member that is amazingly easy and fast to do from the MRS
console.  Stay on top of the action and your team.

7.   Warnings,
in the event of an emergency all or segments of your team can be instantly
notified with details via the MRS.

8.   Your
team can submit reports of your project details quickly and easily 25 times a
day if need be or more, now that is accountability.

a.    Your
staff can submit a Report with before, during and after narrated
videos, pics and other details to “CYA” or simply to increase your report
generating capabilities to your Clients.  Show them what you accomplished! 
Prove that you did a good job and when.

b.   Use
the Report function to record your “Pre Trip Inspections” and “Safety
Meetings” perhaps.

9.   Company
can easily be uploaded for your

to access. 

Keep your team informed with Messages.

Expandable menu, we built it and we
can customize it exactly for you!

Super simple to use!  Our app
instructions are built right into the App. 

And the cost is very low almost too
low to bother!!!


The system has a low cost; these are the
cost components to be considered:

1.   Initial
licence purchase per company.  A minimum of 50 SA to be purchased initially for
$ 2,500.00   When more are needed they can be purchased in lots of 25 ($ 1,250.00).

2.   There
will be a monthly cost for the SA to pay for the servers that will support the
system. Each licenced SA will be charged $ 5.00 per month.

3.   Training
and system customization will be extra.


The Shepherd System will protect your
people, empower your people and keep their Managers the loop.  This will lower
your project costs all while increasing team safety.  It is simple, easy to use
and can be customized if needed.

Please contact me to discuss further
and thank you.



George Conroy

World Ltd.  587-888-1097


In addition to the Shepherd System 911
World Ltd. also offers the Shepherd Plus system with additional features.

Feature Shepherd Shepherd +
Add Bases Y Y
Add Buildings (with dangerous goods) Y Y
Add Projects Y Y
App Waypoints Y Y
Create a Report Y Y
Daily Logs Y Y
Live App Map Y Y
Live Tracking Y Y
Livestreaming capability Y Y
Mass Messaging Y Y
My Credentials N Y
No Special Equipment Needed Y Y
Project Tracker N Y
Request Assistance Y Y
Sign in/Sign out Report Y Y
Warnings to App Y Y
Work Alone Module & Custom Response Y Y