Shepherd Plus System Features

The Shepherd System has 2 components that
work together flawlessly:

  • The Staff app is loaded on your staff’s smartphone it is available in either Android or apple:
  • The Monitoring and Response System (MRS) is built for your PC or Tablet (your phone is to small really), it is internet based and can be accessed anywhere and anytime!

These 2 components are uniquely linked by an Instance Code and they work together to provide the ultimate in staff protection, support, accountability and communication.

The Staff app:

The staff app is loaded onto an Android or
apple smartphone or tablet. It is best used on a device with a sim card to get
the system full benefits.

The staff app has the following features:

3rd party notification. When a user is overdue in the work alone module a 3rd
party call center (if being utilized) will be notified so that they can assist
in the response.

Access to other documents. The app can attach other documents or company forms in its communications. This allows existing company forms to be utilized or incorporated into the app functionality.

App Map. The app is map based everything revolves around the map. To access the map press Home!

App Support. Your MRS team supports your app users.

Bases/Buildings/Features/Projects. Bases, Buildings, Features or Projects can be seen on the app map when added to the app map by the MRS technicians. Critical data and pictures can be added to the building to assist the app user.

Company Policies. The company can load its policies onto the app for viewing. Any company documents can be added to a report.

Connectivity. The staff app is able to function even with no data connection. The app will continue to collect data and GPS coordinates and will update the MRS the next time it is able to connect.

Customizable. Got a great idea? We can add it to your system.

Create a Report. Use this map button to report important data to the MRS. Just touch the button then add a pic or make a narrated video or add older pics, older videos and other documents which can then be submitted. This report can be customized for your company.

Directions to?: When you click on an asset on the app map then you can click on “directions to” and it will show you how to get to that asset from your existing location.

Edit Contact Info. To change your app contact data go to the upper right corner (the
3 dots) and click on “Edit Contact Info” then edit your data and add a picture
of you, then be sure to save it. A picture of you can be very valuable.

End My Shift. This button is on the left side menu. To log out of the app click
this button and confirm. Once logged out you can no longer be seen or tracked
by the MRS. In the morning you can log in again, check your company policies
on this feature.

Follow Me. The map button tells the app to follow you, keeping you in the center of the map. Turn it off to change your map scale and position when needed.

Free Download. The app is free to download but access is restricted. You must be assigned Username/Password and be given the instance code to log in with.

Free upgrades. Once you have the system you will receive free app upgrades for life. You can also upgrade to the Shepherd Plus for even more features!

Home. The Home button is on the left side menu and clicking it takes you to the app map.

Instance Code. Each system has its own instance code which connects the app to the
MRS. Workers can use the same app to connect to a different Shepherd Systems
simply by logging out and changing the instance code. Please note that they app
can NOT connect to a different type of system (i.e. the Shepherd Plus or The

Instructions. The app instructions are found in the upper right hand corner; click
the 3 dot menu.

Left side menu. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left side and the menu on
the left side will open. This menu is customizable.

Livestreaming. The MRS can livestream the app when needed. The app user can
control the livestream though. The livestream also transfers audio and is an
amazingly powerful communication process.

Map Buttons. On the app map are several buttons creating direct links, these
are customizable.

  • Normal Satellite Terrain
  • Follow Me
  • Send a Report
  • Request Assistance

Map/Project Notes. This feature is located on the left side menu. The app user can
add public or private map/project notes to the app map. Public notes are seen
by the MRS and the team. The pins that are added to the map can be one of 5
different colors. Private notes are only seen by the user that created it.

Map View. The
app map has 3 different views; Normal/Satellite/Terrain.

My Saved Messages. This feature is located on the left side menu. This feature saves
all of the messages sent to you from the MRS that you wish to save for future

Real Time GPS Tracking. The app user can be seen by other app users and the MRS as long as they are logged into the
system. The system tracking uses the phones GPS chip and is constantly

Request Assistance Button. This button is located on the app map. When the user needs help
they simply push this button and the MRS is notified and your team can also see
where you are so that they can help you.

Work Alone System (WAS). Located on the left side menu. This system will protect you and
can be supported by 2 different MRS’s indirectly. The WAS tracks you and alerts
the MRS when you are overdue and cannot respond. To activate the WAS:

  • Click on the WAS button then set the length of time you need.
  • Now add a note about what you are doing such as “changing out the valve on 12-13” then push set reminder.
  • When your time is up you will be notified as your phone will both ring and vibrate. Once notified you will then have 1 minute to cancel or reset the system before another party and or the MRS’s are notified.
  • The WAS continues to work even when connectivity is lost.

The Monitoring and Response System (MRS):

The MRS is the control panel where all
activity of the staff are tracked, seen, livestreamed, accessed, supported and
responded to. The MRS can be accessed anywhere that you have the internet and access
into the system via a username/password. It is designed for the use on a Personal
Computer (PC) but can be accessed via any internet device.

MRS Log in Screen

The MRS has the following features:

Ability to reassign the app. A single app has a unique username/password. When needed these can
be changed for reassignment? The MRS controls the creation of and editing of
the app.

Add/Edit a Staff. This menu link is where the app profile is created. Simply complete
the form after choosing a base then notify the staff member of their username/password
and the instance code. Now they can log in and use the app.

Add/Edit a Building/Feature. Useful buildings/features can be added to the map and this will be
seen by both the app and the MRS. Buildings/Features can have critical data
and pics/videos/links attached to them to support the staff. The types of
buildings and features listed here can be customized.

Base. Bases
need to be added prior to adding staff. Each app is assigned to a base when it
is being created. Bases can be used to group staff effectively. Bases can
also be seen on the MRS/app map and have associated data.

Add a Building/Feature Screen

CCTV Integration. Any Close Circuit Television feed that is uploaded to the internet
can be integrated into the MRS map. This gives the camera a proper perspective
in space. This is a customization of the system and will incur additional customization

Create a Warning. All of your staff could be warned of a problem in less than a
minute. A warning can even be created from a report that was submitted to the
MRS directly. Warnings can further be updated by all staff receiving the warning
as they can respond to and add data to it that is sent to the MRS and that can
be rebroadcasted to the staff.

Dangerous Goods Notification. If a building has Dangerous Goods in it can be noted in the
Building Profile and the icon automatically changes color. For each building
that you add to the map all of the Dangerous Goods and their location and
description can be listed on the map and on the app.

Demo System available. You can quickly and easily demo our system. Please contact us to arrange for a demo we will walk
you through it.

Duress Code.
A duress code is used to confirm a worker is not under duress when they are
contacted. The duress code is on the attached response procedure that was created
for each staff member. MRS techs can access this procedure simply by clicking
on the user to follow the directions.

Event. An
event is anything that is reported by a user. To ensure that no one gets
missed all events are tracked and cannot be deleted by the MRS technicians.
Only the system administrators have access to these files.

Free upgrades. Once you have the system you will receive free MRS upgrades for

Icon Customization. All Icons can be changed or customized as you require,
customization fees apply.

Live Streaming. The MRS can live stream the app and multiple persons can see the
same livestream. This is an amazing problem solving and communication tool
allowing people to remotely observe work and so much more. The live stream can
also be saved.

Map. The
MRS is centered on a large map. All activity revolves around the map. The map
illustrates all added assets and all staff app users and allows the MRS
technicians to respond intelligently when needed.

MRS Activity. Your MRS technician’s activities are tracked by the System and can
only be changed by the MRS Administrator.

Multiple Emergency Contact #s. Each profile that is set up can have a unique emergency # attached
to it.

Policies. Important
company policies can be directly included in the app for easy access by the users.

Portal. Our
911 World Team can insert/post your MRS map to your website inside of a portal
that we create so your clients can see where your team is. This is a
customization for a fee.

New projects (see add a building) can be added to the maps in about 1 minute
providing your team with everything they need to be accurate and affective.
The project appears with all needed support data simplifying and clarifying all
in seconds.

Response Capabilities. The MRS receives all; request assistances, reports and all WAS
notifications and it can respond as needed with all critical data sets at your
fingertips. The entire MRS is created to respond effectively and

Response Procedure. Each staff member that is added to the system can have a customized
response procedure attached to their profile as a word document. The response procedure
is followed in the event of an emergency and allows the MRS technician to
respond precisely as needed. The response procedure contains the duress code.

Safe Fire System. Many of the features of our Safe Fire System are found in the MRS;
see for more details and
in-depth videos.

Send a Message. Messages can easily be sent to your whole team or select segments
of your team. Messages can contain all manners of attachments such as response
or recovery processes and instructions.

Staff Activity Log. The system tracks the activities of each app along with a map and a
slide to show where they were and when. This is an amazing accountability

Super Administrator. Whenever an instance/copy of the system is created by 911 World we
retain super administrator access. This allows us to access the system as
needed and to eliminate service if we are not paid.

System Administrator. Only 1 system administrator is created when we build your instance.
This access is assigned to one of the clients staff. They in turn can create
other system administrators or an unlimited # of MRS technicians can be

System Buttons: There are 4 buttons at the top of the left side menu:

Description: Click this button to see what warnings are active in the system. This list will open with all the warnings shown there, then simply
click on that specific warning and the map will center on it.

Description: Click this button to see what reports are not yet addressed. This
list will open with all the reports shown there, then simply click on the
specific report and the map will center on it.

Description: Black male user symbol Free IconClick on
this button to see who is using the system. You can instantly link to them by
selecting them from the list and clicking on them.

Description: Click this button to see what users need assistance. This list
will open with all the people that need assistance then simply click on that
person and the map will center on them.

System Customization. We created the Shepherd System so we can add additional features as
your company needs. There will be reasonable customization charges.

System Support. 911 World Ltd. will provide support for the MRS team for a period of
30 days after installation; this is included with the purchase of the licence.
The app is supported by the MRS team.

System Pricing. Please contact us! The Shepherd costs are low!

System Updates. You will receive all MRS System upgrades for free.

Training. Training
will be provided the MRS system is easy to use and online support is also
available. A 4 hour course is all it takes.

Unlimited # of MRS Technicians. The MRS can be accessed from any location in the world with the internet.
Managers can monitor their teams LIVE!

Updates. When
data is updated the maps are updated in a matter of seconds.

If there is a problem coming or a problem that has occurred ALL staff or select
staff can be immediately warned. The warning can be sent complete with
pictures or videos whatever data will help. Warnings can be updated by the app
holders to provide even more data to the warning like a Facebook post
controlled by the MRS technician.

Work Alone Response. When the Staff do not respond to the WAS the MRS is notified and
the MRS technicians can respond powerfully using the MRS and their attached
response procedure.

The Shepherd System is an amazing tool that
is continuously being invested into. For even more features you may love our
Shepherd Plus and for Police we will also have Safe Cop app in Feb 2018.

Staff Log Screen