Safe Cop

Protecting Police with advanced communication processes.

Safe Cop Pricing 2018

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

There are 2 basic costs; Licence Fees & Monthly Support and there are 2 other potential costs, training and customization.

Licence Purchase When a licence is purchased an “Instance” is created for the Purchaser. This instance is unique to them and all future system upgrades are free. The Monthly Cost is variable depending upon how many Apps are attached to the Licence, it is easy to get more Apps. The licence is limited to a maximum of 1000 Users. The Purchased can have the System customized for them. Training is extra.

Licence Purchase Model

    Licence Minimum
0 – 10 Safe Cop apps $1,250.00 $1,250.00
11 – 25 Safe Cop apps $2,500.00 $2,500.00
26 – 50 Safe Cop apps $4,500.00 $4,500.00
51 + Safe Cop apps $ 75.00/app $4,500.00

Monthly Costs per App

$7.50 per App per month billed quarterly in advance. Annual contract


Training Costs TBD Plus Travel costs, travel is also charged for.

Customization Cost

Programmer $60.00  
Tester $99.00  
Product Designer $125.00  

Once the concept is designed (note these hours are charged for), then 100% of incurred costs and 50% of the projected costs are paid to start the upgrades with 25% more paid on delivery and the final 25% 15 days after all bugs are gone!