Emergency Response Solutions

Our parent company, 911 World Ltd has also built a complete array of Emergency Response solutions for large groups, communities and countries.

The products include:

  • Evacuation Manager
  • Mobile 911
  • Community Response System
  • Safe School System

Evac Manager


The Evac Manager is a system created to be deployed in an emergency. Of course it is best to purchase and train with prior to the emergency occurring.p>

Mobile 911


Our Mobile 911 Response System is a system designed to support and communicate with very large groups located around the world or locally, the system does not care.

Safe School


The Safe School System (SSS) to protect students, staff and schools in ways not presently available. The SSS is a very effective and flexible tool.

Community Response System


Community Response Systems (CRCS) is a software system/solution designed for communities that wish to manage or enhance their own Emergency Response